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New York State Employees Federated Appeal


2018 SEFA Pledging is Open!

Short instructions on how to use ePledge site ~~ ePledge PowerPoint

ePledge campaign results will be listed at the bottom of this page throughout the campaign ~ check back and see how your agency is doing!  Maybe a friendly competition with another region?

Pledge and Payroll Deduction Authorization Form [PDF]
Fill it out online, print it, sign it, keep Part III, and give Parts I and II to your SEFA Agency Coordinator.

How to stop or modify a payroll deduction?
At any time a State employee may revoke or modify a contribution made through payroll deduction by providing a written request to the employee’s payroll office

Contributions to the SEFA campaign are reported in the annual financial reports of the Federated Community Campaign, which distributes the funds raised to the participating charities. A copy of the most recent Annual Financial Report for a Federated Community Campaign filed with the Department of Law may be obtained by writing to either of the following: NYS Department of Law, Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, 3rd Floor New York, New York 10271; or to the Federated Community Campaign Manager serving each county.