Continuous Giving & Year-Round Giving

We are pleased to announce that the convenience of Continuous Giving and Year-round Giving is offered for the SEFA Campaign.

Effective July 18, 2022, New York State has put new regulations into effect under Title 9 Executive Department, Subtitle G Office of General Services, Chapter VI Miscellaneous, Subchapter A, General Rules Part 355 Charitable contributions through the State Employees Federated Appeal (SEFA) allowing for both Continuous Giving and Year-round Giving.

Completing your electronic pledge is your authorization for your gift to continue until you change or discontinue your pledge.  You can change or discontinue your pledge at any time by completing a paper pledge form & turning it into your Payroll Department.


Important ePledge Information

• You will need to use your Employee ID number to pledge.

• Employees paid by OSC will need to enter “N0” (N zero) in front of their seven-digit State ID number.


Please Note

• Your name and contract information will be released to the charity(s) of your choice only with your authorization.

If you plan on using a personal check, you will need to submit it to your campaign manager with your pledge card.