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New York State Employees Federated Appeal


Retirement & State Employees Federated Appeal

Many state employees pledge annually to their agency's SEFA campaign. Their contribution is collected by means of payroll deduction taken from their bi-weekly paychecks. That deduction is not carried over to the pension checks, which means that SEFA contributions stop when employees retire from active State service.

If you made a pledge during the current SEFA campaign, you can continue your support during retirement. Your local SEFA campaign administrators can offer you a choice of convenient payment schedules. By completing the form below you will authorize your local SEFA campaign to contact you about fulfilling the balance of your SEFA pledge and/or continue to give to charities of your choice.

I authorize my community's State Employees Federated Appeal to contact me about fulfilling the balance of my SEFA pledge and or continuing to contribute through a choice of payment schedules.

***Update - October 2018 - SEFA is currently working with OSC, New York State and Local Retirement System to offer retirees the ability to donate through your pension check.  In order to begin deductions, there need to be 50 retiree's signed up.  If you would like to donate through a deduction in your pension check, a signed deduction authorization card is required.  Please click here:  

SEFA is currently required to have a signed hard copy authorization form mailed to the office.  It can be mailed to:

Statewide SEFA Council
c/o United Way GCR
1 United Way
PO Box 13865
Albany, NY  12212-3865

No pension check deductions will begin until you have been notified that they will begin.  Please call Alicia Otis with any questions.  518-782-7332.

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