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New York State Employees Federated Appeal


Capital Region SEFA Day

For over 50 years SEFA has been an institution of positive impact. The State Employee Federated Appeal campaign provides New York State workers the opportunity to make a voluntary financial contribution toward charities we are passionate about. Our Capital Region communities have faced many challenges and endured great hardships throughout the pandemic – let’s continue the support and pledge today.


October 21st, 2020



Today, New York State workers in the Capital Region band together in the State Employee Federated Appeal. Join Capital Region SEFA Day and pledge today! Help us stay NY Tough and SEFA Strong.


Where & How?

  1. Visit the ePledge website to give your gift today. Whether it’s a few dollars a paycheck or whatever you can afford – we will all do better when everyone is engaged in our community’s recovery together.

  2. Join NYS Statewide SEFA trivia at 6:00pm. $10 to register with $5 donated to SEFA and $5 towards the winners pot! Click here to RSVP to play.



Through payroll or check donations, we can ensure access to ongoing resources for charities working to rebuild more sustainable, resilient, and equitable communities. There is hard work ahead and together, we can help make a difference.  


We truly appreciate your dedication to the campaign and would love to share your SEFA Story! Complete this survey to show your SEFA support.