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New York State Employees Federated Appeal

2019 Recertification Period Closed

Thank you for your interest in recertifying.  The recertification period has ended.  Below is a final list and color legend for the list.  We anticipate notifying charities by April 30, 2019 of their SEFA status.  

If you have a question regarding your recertification, please call the SEFA Coordinator in your campaign region, or if you are a statewide agency (999 Charity Code), please contact Laurelee Dever, 518-782-7332.


Charity is not highlighted.  The recertification has been submitted and received.  There is no implication that it is complete and/or does not have deficiencies.  If someone needs something, someone will reach out to the charity.  Please do NOT call and ask about it.  

Charity highlighted green.  The recertification form has been submitted, received, reviewed and appears to be in order.  If anything else is required, or there are any questions, someone will reach out to you.

Charity highlighted tan.  The recertification form is still in draft form and has not been completed.  

Charity highlighted red.  The recertification form was submitted but there was a deficiency(ies).  An email was sent to the charity about how to resolve the issue(s).  In rare occasions, the issue has been resolved, but this coloring not changed.  You can confirm with your local Coordinator if you think there is an issue.  We are working on getting everything updated.