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New York State Employees Federated Appeal

2019 Recert Information

  • Recertification is for charities that currently participate in the SEFA campaign.  To check if you currently participate, go to the home page and search for your charity. 
  • If you are an agency that does not participate, or had to sit out a year, the application process will begin December 1, 2018.  Patriot Act

  • Options to complete this form:

    "I have everything I need to complete the form.  I will complete it all at once" ~ COMPLETE FORM HERE
           You will not be able to go back to the form if you stop and or to go make changes before you submit

    "I do not have an account, but would like to be able to save the form as I work on it" ~ REGISTER HERE

          Write down your username, email address associated with the account and the password for future use
          Once you register, you must link to the form through the email that will be sent to you.  

    "I have an account and need to login" ~ LOGIN HERE
          Once you have logged in you can start/continue the form
           If you receive a message that an account exists for that email, follow next scenario

    "I have an account but don't know my password" ~ REQUEST NEW PASSWORD HERE
           After you request the password, an email will be sent to you.  Follow the link in the email, change your password, save, and begin/continue working on your form


    We recommend using Chrome or Mozilla/Firefox as your web browser when completing this recertification.  You may encounter problems if you use Internet Explorer (ie).

    Please take the time to read through the INSTRUCTIONS (click the word "INSTRUCTIONS") before completing the recertification. Also, in many instances, there are examples or directions on how to complete/format the field underneath the question.  PLEASE USE THE FORMATTING REQUESTED AND DO NOT USE ALL CAPS!!!

    If you do not use the calendar feature on questions #18 and #19, you will not be able to preview the form.

    Any question that has an asterisk (*) is a required field.

    Every other week I will post a list of charities that have started and/or submitted their recertification.  

    November 6, 2018 Recertification List

    Please see the color coding legend below:

    Charity is not highlighted.  The recertification has been submitted and received.  There is no implication that it is complete and/or does not have deficiencies.  If there are, someone will reach out to the charity.

    Charity highlighted green.  The recertification form has been submitted, received, reviewed and appears to be in order.  If anything else is required, or there are any questions, someone will reach out to you.

    Charity highlighted tan.  The recertification form is still in draft form and has not been completed.  

    Charity highlighted red.  The recertification form was submitted but there was a deficiency(ies).  An email was sent to the charity about how to resolve the issue(s).  In rare occasions, the issue has been resolved, but this coloring not changed.  You can confirm with your local Coordinator if you think there is an issue.  We are working on getting everything updated.


    Want to review the form before you complete it?  GoToMeetings will be conducted to go over specific instructions on the recertification form and answer questions you may have.  Please click the date below for the link to join the meeting.  The phone number and access code are within those links.  We anticipate it will last less than an hour.

    Wednesday, November 21st - 9:30 a.m.


    If you have any other questions, please contact Laurelee Dever at 518-782-7332